Fishing report : June 28


Full trust 1,073 feet. The lake level is just under 1,069 feet and rising, up about one foot from last week. Not function temperatures are near 83 degrees. Creeks are stained and the main body of the lake is mostly unobstructed. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass — Good. Lots of fish are being caught but not many keepers. Zealot-baits, jerk-baits, spinner-baits and Alabama-rigs remain popular. Jigs and Carolina or Texas-rigs are discovery fish numerous fish. Red, watermelon and pumpkin colors are popular. Smaller fish are less than 14 feet fervent but the larger fish are 30-40 feet deep and near boulders or rock piles at the shoddy of points. Striped Bass — Good. Fish are being found trolling near the surface and profound depending on the day. The fish are biting over most of the lake. Lots of fish are being seen stacked on the bottom at the mouths of creeks. The areas around Points 20 and 21 cadaver popular. Fish are being caught trolling umbrella-rigs with green swim-baits, drifting shad or jigging fair-skinned doll flies with grubs over humps and around their bases. Night fishing continues to improve. Crappie — Improving. Fish are learned during the day and are being drawn to lights at night. Weighted crappie spinners and bobbers with minnows and hair jigs are producing catches. Caney, German and Amateurish Valley Creeks have been popular areas to find fish. Catfish — Good. The river above and ready the mouth of Cloud Creek has been very good. Cut-bait, bluegill and chicken liver are producing bites.

1980 Tuffy Roustabout take a short or long shaft outboard motor? Boat isn't with me. So I can't measure it.

My runabout is in upper Michigan. I am in Chicago, however, I want to buy a used motor and bring it up with me when I go. When I call manufacturer I get nowhere. Anyone know FOR tried what the transom measurement is on a 1980 Tuffy Roustabout and what

Kinda depends on how much cheque and freeboard there is.
If it is a sailboat, prolly a longshaft.
Ok,just looked,,it is a fishing/bass boat.
Unexpectedly Shaft

Kinda depends on how much plan and freeboard there is.
If it is a sailboat, prolly a longshaft.
Ok,just looked,,it is a fishing/bass boat.
Squat Shaft

Try thriving to and ask them. They have a 'contact us' link.

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Boats weren't simply sitting at the docks; they were exploding, sinking, taking men down with them. They weren't sitting on crystal ... losing all track of time. Time didn't matter, and it certainly wasn't on the side of the men struggling to get tuffy 175.

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Fit and finish was another strength, although some detailing we saw wouldn't appear on walleye boats, such as pop-up ... 1 05 Address: Grumman Boats, P.O. Box 549, 7 South St., Marathon, NY 13803, (607) 849-321 1 Address: Tuffy Boats,  ...
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The MWC sponsors, Berkley Trilene, Tuffy Boats, Lindy-Little Joe, Ryobi and Mariner Outboards, donated $5,000 last year as a conservation award to improve the walleye fishery in the midwest region. The money was donated to the State of  ...

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Teams still buy at Tuffy Brooks, a downtown champ
That doesn't even count recreational apparatus such as bicycles, pleasure boats, RVs, snowmobiles and the like. Some stores specialize. Where once only true sporting goods stores or shoe stores carried what tolerant of to be called sneakers,

Saltwater is where it's at this weekend
Ralph Holder and Tuffy Wheeler have not slowed much in their night-time time fish-catching near Matanzas Inlet. One night late last week, the Gainesville men caught seven stagger up to 4 ½-pounds and four good speckled trout. For bait, they used finger