What is your opion of Tracker Bass boats?

I am looking for a new bass rowing-boat and am considering a Tracker. I have never owned an aluminum boat http://midoregonbass.com

I own a Tracker vessel as well as a canoe and I've gone through two MasterCraft Ski boats. I have never had so much trouble with a boat as I have had with my Tracker. It spends more time at Bass Pro shop getting fastened (usually takes about 3 trips to

find out who makes them for BASS pro shops

My son-in-law had a designing v Tracker. We live in South Florida and took it through the Everglades for bass one week then out for salt water fishing the next week. I'm not saying for everyone to do this, but we did. If I wanted a 17 footer for the lake,

I own a Tracker speedboat as well as a canoe and I've gone through two MasterCraft Ski boats. I have never had so much trouble with a boat as I have had with my Tracker. It spends more time at Bass Pro shop getting persistent (usually takes about 3 trips to get

I purchased a tracker aluminum bass boat. Can it be used in salt water? The engine is a 25hp merc 2 stroke?

Yes you can. I manage off a 21 foot aluminum Flats boat. Just wash it down (as you should do with fiberglass) flush your motor and keep everything trim. One thing to consider is your bunk boards on the trailer. These are most likely covered in carpet.

Aluminum vs Fiberglass bass boats?

I have been looking at new bass boats and it seems that the aluminum ones look after to be less expensive than the fiberglass ones.

For example, a 16 foot aluminum Bass Tracker with a 50 hp 2-stroke mercury was about $13K. While a 16 foot

If you are successful for looks, sleek boat, comfort, sharp flake finish, go with fiberglass if you just like "fishing" go with aluminum. Fiberglass will show scratches, dings, not material to scrape over a log trying to get to a tight fishing

how do you repair a alumunum bass tracker boat?

what do you use to into working order a aluminum bass boat?

Try this by-product for fixing broken aluminum parts... it can be used with a propane torch. I've had good success with individual aluminum repairs that I've done .


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The new Pro Team edition of the popular Tracker Tournament Pro 1 8 has features that make it the most serious tournament-oriented aluminum fishing package you can buy. How good is this boat? Good enough that Tracker Pro Team ...
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Fishing Digest, The Comprehensive Guide for Every Angler

2500 E. Kearney Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 873-5900 www.trackermarine.com Tracker Marine manufactures Tracker Fishing Boats, Nitro Bass and Bay Boats, and Sun Tracker pontoons. New models include the aluminum Avalanche and ...
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Although the Skeeter generally handled well, it wasn't quite as quick to respond to the wheel as the aluminum boats. No surprise, since it's about 400 pounds heavier than the Tracker and the G3, and 750 pounds more than the Polar Kraft.

Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters, Build and Outfit Your Life-Saving Escape
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Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters, Build and Outfit Your Life-Saving Escape

SOME PROTECTED-WATER POWERBOAT EXAMPLES Tracker Topper 1542 This riveted aluminum johnboat is a good example of a ... Though the hull weighs only 190 lb., it's a 15-foot boat with a 5-foot beam and a load capacity of 775 lb.
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The Fishing Sourcebook, Your One-Stop Resource for Everything You Need to Feed Your Fishing Habit

Robalo, another Brunswick/US Marine name- plate, is a line of offshore saltwater fishing boats the company calls "overbuilt," ... After the basic hull is completed, the entire bottom of each Tracker aluminum boat is filled with polyurethane foam.
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Tracker Aluminum Boats - News

The 2011 Boat Show was full of great watercraft
The shilling-mark starts with the 14 foot riveted Jon boats for seven hundred dollars all the way up to the 19 foot Tracker Pro Team unqualified with boat,

Amtrackers mourn fallen Marine
The apothegm of the Amtracker community is YAT YAS, which stands for if “you ain'ta tracker, you ain't …” Rice got the letters tattooed on his heart this