Yamaha debuts F175 outboard and propeller line

The label-new F175 joins the V MAX SHO 150 and F200, which are based on Yamaha’s new 2.8-liter in-line four-cylinder tenets. The V MAX SHO 150 and F200 are winners of a 2013 IBEX Innovation Award.

“This motor will broaden the interline and be particularly valuable for all boats with transoms limited to 175 horsepower, as well as some in-shore applications,” Yamaha Sea Group president Ben Speciale said in a statement . “The F175 is another super-versatile motor with peerless repower potential for a variety of boats, from bay to deep-vee, aluminum and more.”

Like its 2.8-liter siblings, Yamaha said, the F175’s four-cylinder, 16-valve dual disbursements camshaft powerhead breathes easily and responds quickly, with a sophisticated and proven valve file design.

The F175 also uses a single-throttle intake valve and Yamaha’s long-slot intake tubes for easy breathing. A knock sensor allows the engine to run at peak dexterity and performance at all rpm, Yamaha said.

aluminum john boat transom sealent?

i fair bought a john boat and im trying to repair leaks in rivets and also the transom.i removed the bolts holding the wood transom on and now i privation to put it back on the boat.is there a sealer are gasket i can use to put between the aluminum and

all boats are particular -- the jon boat however is easy to repair -- you should use some heavy-duty right angle brackets to re-position a new wood transom --- cut and shape the wood for a near ''o'' tolerance to fit the rear of the boat -- go to the

metal repairs are A- made with "marine tex".there are several marine sealants thatserve as glue and sealant. check your neighbourhood marine store.

This is what i old in my old aluminium boat. on the inside of the hull where it was covered and no one was going to walk i used 3m automotive body undercoating. it worked very well. now since you are replacing the transom i would wash the undercoat

The 3M committee sealant is actually called SEAM SEALER

The same thing you see in the back of pickup trucks covering the bedsides tailor-made to the bottom side.

It does not harden but stays in place - keeps out water, and it will

5200 oceanic sealant home depot is the best price sure mineral spirits as clean up. It is mineral water cure so if you are putting it in a area that's air tight like metal to metal spray a little befog of water or it Will not cure.Hope you don't have to take it

all boats are remarkable -- the jon boat however is easy to repair -- you should use some heavy-duty right angle brackets to re-connect a new wood transom --- cut and shape the wood for a near ''o'' tolerance to fit the rear of the boat -- go to the ''glue

I just purchased a 14' semi-v aluminum boat. The transom depth, from the bottom of the boat to the rail is

about 16". How crave should the motor shaft be, 15" or 20" ?

The 15" is proper the 20 will drag an slow you down>As the transom is not straight up & down so the engine will set out and the water will come up to cavation plate>You can put dolfin fins on the motor also>I jack mine up on the tramson

How thick does a jon boat transom have to be?

I'm replacing the transom on a 14' aluminum boat. I don't recognize what the original thickness of the transom was. This year, it'll just hold a trolling motor for small creeks. I prospect to buy a used 3.5 or 5 HP gas outboard next spring for larger

Every boat I have owned has had a 1 1/2" thick transom if utilized for an outboard, regardless of the size of the outboard. Check out a chunk of "LDL" from your local homebuilding provision. You can get them in different widths from 8"

what are some ideas to rebuild my transom on my aluminum jon boat?

i have a 9.8 hp outboard i am contemporary to be sticking on it and i needs to be a max of an inch and a half. i was thinking laminating two pieces of 5/8 ABX plywood and then putting a layer or two of fiberglass over it. what do you call to mind a consider?

This would assuredly work a couple things to consider
1) Use an epoxy resin instead of polyester resin with the fiberglass. the epoxy resin binds with the wood giving a much stronger shackles and will also bond with the aluminum to some degree

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Aluminum Boat Transom - Bookshelf

Field & Stream
122 pages
Field & Stream

All I do with my aluminum boat at the end of a day of coastal fishing is quickly rinse the salt off with a hose and park it. ... The semi-V hull (below) features a flat bottom starting at the transom and extending forward for a few feet, and then it ...
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FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

The Outboard Boater's Handbook: Advanced Seamanship and Practical Skills
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The Outboard Boater's Handbook: Advanced Seamanship and Practical Skills

A secondhand aluminum skiff is one of the safest purchases you can make in the used-boat market. This is not to say you can't ... you can be certain the transom has undergone some severe stressing because of the weight of the motor. This is  ...
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This comprehensive manual shows you how to go places and do things you never thought possible in a small outboard motorboat. A well-designed ruggedly built 17-footer, for instance, can fish offshore, circumnavigate Lake Superior, and crisscross the continent on inland waterways or on a trailer pulled by the family car. Small outboards are among the most versatile boats ever developed and are far more able than you might expect. Covered here are all the popular types--and some exciting alternatives as well as methods that may change your entire boating outlook. Aided by contributions from other experts, veteran outboard skipper David R. Getchell, Sr., offers a wealth of useful facts and special savvy that reveal for the first time in a single book the true potential of these democratic boats 20 feet and under. Here are the means to understand what can be done, and the way to do it safely, including: how to judge a boat's potential and capabilities based on design and construction; how to...

Ice Diving Operations
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Ice Diving Operations

Inflatable boats without hard transoms orV-hulls and inflatable ramps make great ice platforms. Inflatable boats with ... Aluminum boats do not make good ice platforms because their metal construction absorbs the heat of the personnel in them.
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Ice diving is one of the most technical kinds of diving—incorporating both overhead and confined space risks. The lack of proper training can have disastrous results. Ice Diving Operations is written for public safety divers, decision makers, EMS, sport divers, and instructors, and fills the void in education for each level. The extensive information presented on hypothermia, universal safety procedures and much more, make this book invaluable even for non-ice diving operations. Ice Diving Operations is designed to be used to create uniform procedures and guidelines to meet NFPA and OSHA standards.

128 pages

The front of the well which acts as the motor board is located about 30 inches forward of the boat's transom. ... Hollow Aluminum Boat Hook 4 Plastic Life Preserver Seat Cushions Sterno Cabin Heater Big Beam Portable Searchlite Entries for ...

The Reef Fishing Book, A Complete Anglers Guide
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The Reef Fishing Book, A Complete Anglers Guide

You can do this by hanging it offthe transom, which is easy but not pretty because you have the cable running over the ... The transom mount is the best solution in aluminum boats, where getting a good seal on through-hull fittings can be ...

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The beachable boat - the new Sun Odyssey 33i
Holdfast and windlass are extras and on the test boat Keith had added a Maxwell 1000W windlass and a 35lb Manson Loftiest. As standard you get a partially battened main and a 115-percent genoa. The sails are Dacron by Art Voile, the aluminum mast by

Putting the Dufour Grand Large 375 through its paces
Adjacent to the transom is a hot-and-bleak shower, so you can wash the salt from your swim without tracking it over the boat. The sail plan is as one would expect for a range designed for cruising — adequately conservative — with an anodised Z-Spar